DigiShield with Kendall Auto Idaho


Not many things are more annoying than the dings, scratches, and chips that take away from a crisp and clean paint job on a new car. From rock chips to door dings to normal wear, the paint on your car will take a beating over the years.

Fortunately, your car’s paint doesn’t have to suffer from all the damage and take away from the pristine look of your new car, truck, or SUV. Kendall Auto Idaho car dealerships carry a paint protection film in Nampa and Meridian with DigiShield. This clear, tough, almost invisible protective urethane film works as a shield to protect your vehicle’s leading edge and other strategic areas from rocks, bugs, dings, and scratches. DigiShield can be applied to your vehicle’s front bumper, full fenders, 1/4 hood, or full hood.

DigiShield not only protects from scratches and dings but keeps your car’s paint from fading in the incidental rub and wear areas. You can have the DigiShield covering installed on door cups, door edge guards, and mirrors.
With DigiShield, you have rock chip protection so there’s no more worrying about the tiny terrors of the road. Protect your car’s paint job while keeping its original crisp, clean look that you loved the day you bought it.
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