Kendall $20K Giveaway – August Winners

September 9th, 2021 by

Once again, Kendall Auto Idaho is proud to give away $20K this month to a local charity as well as ten lucky community members, who were drawn at random. Kendall continues to highlight and work with local non-profit of all the good works that they provide the community. This month was the Idaho Youth Ranch. Congratulations!!

However, that is only half of the $20K. The other $10K goes to the community. Congratulations to all of our $20k winners this month:

  • Sherry J.
  • Amy Hoskins
  • Lance Riley
  • Camelia Probasvo
  • Gary A. Davis
  • Rebecca Fisher
  • Sira Hadjian
  • Anna Husted Cridar
  • Fred Sabin
  • Brian Ottley


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