Kendall’s $20K Giveaway – February Winners

March 7th, 2022 by


Once again, Kendall Auto Idaho is proud to give away $20K this month to a local charity as well as ten lucky community members, who were drawn at random. Kendall continues to highlight and work with local non-profit of all the good works that they provide the community. This month was the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage. Congratulations!!

However, that is only half of the $20K. The other $10K goes to the community. Congratulations to all of our $20k winners this month.

  1. Brittany Griffith
  2. Micki Domeny
  3. Carolyn Thorne
  4. Scott Selutregui
  5. Linze Ronnau
  6. Jorge Barasas
  7. Tammy Miller
  8. Cathy Keinke
  9. Chris Dean
  10. Billy Prindle
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